CSD Mall, the Place for Nutritional Supplements and Products

Welcome to the Mall!

You have found the home of CSD Mall.  The supplements offered here are some of the best nutritional supplements and products available.  Not only do the meal replacement shakes taste great, but they can help you cut calories and provide the daily nutrition your body needs.  There are products available for kid’s from 6 months to any age.  The beauty products range from scents to skin care, check them out!

The goal of CSD Mall is to offer products to help each and every person from infants to the elderly.  To often in our hectic lives we fail to drink enough water (at least 8 cups a day (64oz)) and we don’t provide our bodies with the vitamins and minerals needed on a daily basis.  Not doing this robs the body of what it needs to be healthy and can cause other long term issues.  If you want to start small, drink at least 8 cups (preferably more) of water each and every day (that’s 64oz).  Water is cheep, I wouldn’t drink it from the tap anymore unless it is filtered, but do what you must.  Bolster this with a good diet, supplementing where you need to and you will be off to a good start.

If you need idea’s for shakes shoot me an email.

If you have ordering question send me an email.


It’s never to late to get started to make yourself healthier.  If you want to loose weight, or just provide your body with what it needs, try a healthy meal!

Now the technical stuff:

If you are serious about ordering, at this point you will have to work a little, browse the products, write down the product number and name.  Figure out the total or wait till I respond via email (don’t forget handling and processing), send me cash, check or money order (no credit cards).  I will confirm the order, and get it shipped to you upon receipt of payment.  I will process the order and get it shipped on receipt of payment.